Vivint Solar Power Purchase Agreement Pdf

It is possible to repay a solar system in a short period of time after installation, which means that the electricity generated afterwards is actually free and that each surplus generated means a gain. With an AAE, your monthly bill is based on the clean energy your system produces each month, not on your total energy consumption. While you use the same amount of electricity from month to month, it is very likely that your panels will produce more energy in the summer and less in the winter. This means that your monthly bill will most likely increase during the spring and summer months, if your solar panels produce more energy and decrease in the fall and winter, when solar module production generally slows down. Plans range from a zero-low option to a small down payment that reduces the amount of your AAE bill or the option to pay all AAEs in advance, in which case the only electricity bill an owner would have for the duration of the AAE would be for grid electricity. Customers also have the option to purchase the PV installation when the AAE life expires. Here`s an example of your PPA bill. Remember, your might be a little different and PPP rates vary depending on where you live. Fortunately, solar bills are a little simpler than your electricity bills. Solar companies do not have access to all the data that your supply company has regarding your use, so most of the information you will receive from your solar company, regarding the production of panels and the amount of solar energy you produce.

Their bill can be so simple: Vivint Solar offers several options for homeowners to take advantage of solar energy, including loans that facilitate direct ownership of solar installations, and leases that allow homeowners to benefit from solar energy without owning them themselves. PPAs are contracts in which a solar company, such as Vivint Solar, is responsible for the planning, approval, financing and installation of a solar installation, and in return, the owner agrees to purchase the solar energy produced by the facility. This option allows homeowners to take advantage of their home`s solar power supply, with the comfort that Vivint Solar funds, owns, operates and maintains the system on behalf of the owner. If california homeowners choose the PPA option, they can now include a battery with their solar panels. A solar battery stores an owner`s excess solar energy during periods when it is most needed and can detect a power outage in seconds to restore an owner`s power to critical loads. These functions can be very economically advantageous and comfortable, especially at a time when homeowners are experiencing power cuts, as recently in parts of California, or during peak demand periods, where supply rates are highest.