Transfer Agreement Uc

Students must have completed at least one TRANSFERable ENGL and MATH course by the end of summer 2020 (the individual UC TAG criteria for ENGL and MATH diploma may vary). UC Irvine: THE UCI (TRANSFER Admission Guarantee, TAG) guarantees the admission of highly qualified students from all colleges in the California Community. Admission to most majors to the UCI can be guaranteed by the TAG for transfer students who meet the eligibility requirements and complete the online TAG application. Your transfer entry guarantee only applies to the main part you have indicated on your TAG form. UC Santa Cruz: 2. Complete all remaining course and GPA requirements in your TAG agreement. UC Merced: UC Davis: A Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a formal and written agreement that offers students guaranteed admission to a university. Six UC campuses offer University of California California students guaranteed admission that meets the eligibility requirements of the UC TAG program. (UC Berkeley, UCLA and UC San Diego do not participate in this program). Two basic principles are involved in determining the portability of a community university course at UC: TTCs are the basis for the implementation of the portability of community college courses at UC.

CAW-eligible courses are considered an advanced selection credit for a bachelor`s degree at any UC campus and may also be submitted for campus-specific joints or for IGETC. Most agreements provide that your math and English courses are completed or in progress at the time of application for a DAY. Be sure to start these courses at an early stage if you are considering applying. Each campus website lists its TAG eligibility requirements. You can use to determine which courses at Solano meet the course requirements for the TAG agreement, and then work with your advisor to add them to your education plan. TAG requirements are updated annually. Now, UC Merced and UC Riverside are the only two campuses that accept spring or winter GAD. . Tag does NOT require you to answer personal insight questions (PIQ) within the day. However, students must respond to their (PIQ`s) in their UC application.

To qualify for a given campus day, students must meet all TAG criteria for the university and for the respective major (if indicated) for which they are applying. These requirements are campus-specific and vary depending on the type of program proposed. Some majors are not eligible for a DAY. I can`t qualify for DAY in my school. Can I still apply? Submit the UC application for admission and scholarships for students, November 1 and 30. Check your decision day after November 15. NOTE: Berkeley, UCLA and UC San Diego do not participate in the TAG program. 1. Use the UC Transfer Admission Planner to complete the TAG application and check with your community college advisor and/or UC Campus TAG advisor. You must submit it from September 1 to October 15 for the fall period (May 1-31 for the winter/spring semester).

Their performances at Community College are springboards for the UCI. My goal is Berkeley, San Diego and/or UCLA. Why should I apply for THE TAG? While we recommend that students submit their UC TAG until September 30, the UC system has extended the deadline. As long as you meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the selected campus and major, you can apply to UC campuses, even if you are not qualified for the TAG program.