Theater Rental Agreement

The licensee represents and guarantees, in his own name and on behalf of the artist/performer, that all copyrighted material (or films to be shown) have been duly authorized or authorized by copyright holders or their representatives and the licensee, on his own behalf, on behalf of the artist/performer, ensures that all royalties or other rights or royalties arising from the use of copyrighted material in this service are authorized and fully paid. The licensee expressly undertakes to fully release and compensate the Bing Crosby Theater, its related companies, agents and employees from losses, costs, claims, damages, actions, threats, claims, means, charges, legal fees or liability related to copyright or trademark violations or claims. The licensee`s assurances and guarantees to be represented in this contract apply for the duration of this contract and will continue to apply after the termination of this contract. (a) in addition to the provisions of provision 6 under (c) in the event of a delay in any of the terms of this agreement or if, for whatever reason, the premises are empty; (f) If the property of the licensee or third party is removed, disposed of and/or stored by The Bing Crosby Theater pursuant to a provision in this Agreement, all removal, disposal or storage costs are borne by the licensee. The licensee waives any claim of damage or destruction of its property and undertakes to exempt and compensate the Bing Crosby Theater and GVD from losses, liabilities or claims of third parties. This agreement is deemed to have been concluded in Washington State. The licensee agrees with the jurisdiction of the Washington State and Spokane County Courts and agrees that Washington State laws regulate construction or interpretation issues under this agreement. If the lease is signed, Renter Starbright will pay a bond. Starbright may use this deposit to cover rental time overruns, cleaning costs or other unforeseen expenses incurred by the tenant, but which have not been paid by other means. If the deposit is not used, it will be refunded to the tenant within 15 calendar days of the end of the tenancy period. In the event of the Bing Crosby Theater`s inability or impossibility of performance, because the premises or part of it are destroyed, damaged or rendered unfit; or in the event of an emergency, this contract is suspended at the director`s choice and the Bing Crosby Theater will return any advance payments without any other liability or obligation to the licensee. Starbright allows food and drink only in the lobby; or in the auditorium, if the seat system is fully tidy.

Food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium if the seat system is extended to “theatre seats.” If the tenant wishes to provide food or beverage services at any time during the rental period, the tenant must enter into special agreements with Starbright at least 15 calendar days prior to the start of the rental period. If the tenant offers food and beverages with Starbright`s permission, he must also provide at least 2 bailiffs and ensure that no meals or drinks are left in the auditorium if the seat is enlarged in the “theatre seats”.