Stopgap Agreement Meaning

Just hours before a new deadline to avoid a government shutdown, Congress passed a stopgap spending bill on Thursday evening (December 21st). The bill will keep federal agencies open and provide funding for state programs, while Democrats and Republicans will have more time to work on a long-term funding bill that will last the rest of the fiscal year. The House of Representatives passed the legislation first, and then the Senate, within a two-hour range on Thursday night. Republicans and congressional Democrats, who wanted to avoid a politically damaging ceasefire to the government just before the November 3 election, had planned a bill to extend funding until at least mid-November. However, both parties risked striving to exploit the need to circumvent such a loophole in order to achieve their economic incentive objectives. The Stopgap measure has also been described as a “clean” spending bill because it continues to fund the government in a way that Congress has already agreed to and does not contain new measures on highly controversial issues that Democrats and Republicans are still working on (such as the Deferred Action For Childhoods, also known as DACA). See the full definition of Stopgap in the English Language Learners Dictionary WASHINGTON – President Trump signed a stopgap spending bill early Thursday to keep the government funded until early December, after the Senate overwhelmingly agreed to conduct a series of sensitive debates on federal funding after the general election. For weeks, all parties have agreed on the need for a fundamental halt to spending. Differences of opinion on the bill released Monday mean lawmakers have less than two weeks to reach an agreement before federal funds expire. The date the law was passed means that Congress has set the Deadline for Friday, December 22, to avoid a ceasefire of about five hours. However, the bill is only an emergency solution because it only provides funding to the government until January 19. This means that shortly after the beginning of 2018, after the return of Congress and the president from their vacation, politicians must again negotiate a funding bill that lasted the rest of the fiscal year. The three months of funding agreed in September ended on Friday, December 14, meaning Congress was faced with another deadline that could lead to a government shutdown.

However, on the eve of that deadline in mid-December, Congress passed an even shorter stopgap spending bill, which lasted only two weeks. House of Representatives spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi of California on Monday released a stopgap spending bill, without the agricultural aid advocated by Republicans. Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP hide caption House Speaker John A. Boehner R-Ohio had previously announced that he would not accept a halt, meaning the move does little to reduce the possibility of a government ceasefire. These examples are automatically selected from different online message sources to reflect the current use of the word “stopgap.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not reflect the views of Merriam-Webster or its publishers. Send us comments. NGLISH: Translation of the flaw for Spanish spokespeople Your informal agreement was made during a phone call Tuesday, according to people familiar with the discussion … Resource, resort, opportunity, diaper, temporary and stopgap mean something that is addressed in the absence of the usual means or sources of supply.

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