Spectrum Video Services Agreement

Let me add my 2 cents. I entered spectrum 1 year 4 months there internet phone and tv package. I bought a new house and had no options to accept u worms that I tried for 2 weeks, and it was terrible to learn as far as freezing only that it had the wrong equipment for my area. But back to the specter. When I joined, they said it wouldn`t be a problem, that it would be a 160 charge, even though I needed two pieces. The seller said, don`t worry, it`s covered. Well, when the technician arrived, he informed me, you were wrong, there would be 450 more, but he would not be able to add the extra rooms because a subcontractor would be there in a week or two. As I was under the gun when I was talking, I gave in and thought, let me give them a chance. We were told that the plan there would be 129.95 monthly and that would be there 300m of service with TV and phone.

Well, after paying 614 the first month to have it, I got the bill and it was 146.00. Then I ordered 20 dollars more to get HBO and Showtime, etc. Well, my next bill was 171.00.I called and they said there was an extra charge on my bill? I asked what they were, but they could not explain it. The OMG will not let the year unfold if it is as fas as possible. After investing $2602.00 for the first year of service there, I received an invoice of $239.80 because my special package opened. Mr. Omg. I finally found a way to be dumb there, but. I now have 959.20 plus the 2602 for 16 months of service. It`s 3561.20 on the Internet of TV and a stupid phone that I never used.PS: I wanted to cut the phone to reduce my bill when I did, the bill increased up to 241.41 per month because I got a special OMG package agreement which is a 239.80 package agreement. In my old home, I used Sudden Link for internet, because I like fixed or cable Internet and direct TELEVISION for television. I hate the rain, but I`m ready to live with the rain at 59 dollars TV and 79 for the second year.

I spoke to Spectrum until my face was blue. You are the most horrible society I have tried in 65 years on this earth. But if your home is home to a big family, you have kiddos who upload videos to YouTube or a partner who works from home, they should instead look into the plans of up to 400 or 940 Mbps. Customer service employees lie so badly and they take money from your account and lie to you about the return. I waited three months for $70, that was taken from my account, I called and the lying after-sales service agents said it was in the itinerary in the mail, then I spoke to someone 3 weeks ago, who said “well, it was credited on your bill, a check was NEVER sent” at that time, I said services and I went to DirectTV.